Let’s protect the food right of the Malayaga Tamils.


200 years ago, the first Malayaga Tamils group brought from India to Sri Lanka for plantation cultivation started a march from Thalaimannar on July 29th with the participation of those groups, remembering the journey from Thalaimannar to Matale through natural environmental barriers and asking them to create the background they need to live as proud citizens.

Accordingly, the last day (16th day) of the march started by the ‘Malayaga Tamils’ in order to ‘Search for their roots and win their rights’ was successfully concluded by traveling 24 kilometers from Nalanda to Matale on the 12th Saturday. Fian Sri Lanka also contributed to that under the theme “Protect the right to food of the Malayaga Tamils”.

After the first people were brought from India 200 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people were brought to Sri Lanka for plantation cultivation, but now they are our own citizens. Malayaga people are a group of people who have contributed a lot to bringing dollars to this country over the years. They deserve no sympathy. They should be given their dignity and basic human rights including land and housing. We will provide maximum support for that. Let’s give maximum support to their struggle for that.

*Photographs by Kalyananda Perera & Shehan Ritigahagoda

 12 August 2023