Official visit of FIAN Nepal members to Sri Lanka

Members of Nepal arrived in Sri Lanka on April 07 for a knowledge and experience sharing visit of “FIAN Nepal” and “FIAN Sri Lanka”. Accordingly, Mr. Tilak Adhikari (Case Unit Coordinator) and Mr. Mukund Rana (Province Coordinator) came to Sri Lanka representing FIAN Nepal. On April 08, it was possible to successfully exchange experiences, activities and ideas between the members of both parties. On the same day they attended our evening Ramadan celebration.


On April 09, the workshop to exchange knowledge and ideas about RtFN programs of FIAN Nepal members with FIAN Sri Lanka staff, board members, trade union representatives was successfully held. On the same evening, a Zoom meeting was held to share regional experiences with representatives from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Mrs. Sabini participated on behalf of FIAN International.


On April 10, they participated in a field visit to the Wadduwa area of Kalutara District in the Western Province to meet Street Vendors. The aim was to meet the street vendors of Wadduwa area and exchange their ideas and experiences. On the same evening, they also visited FL Studio and were able to discuss the experiences related to the communication field of the two countries.

From 08th to 14th of April – 2024